Monday, November 9, 2009

D-Mom Chat & Gift

Yesterday I managed to convince several Moms that have kids with type 1 diabetes to join msn windows live chat. Last night around 9pm EST, we all met up! There were 9 other moms and me ....all chatting at once! Imagine how hectic it was once we started getting everyone in there....heehee! We were all so excited just to be chatting that we ended up talking about that most of the time. I am so blessed to have such a strong support network and I haven't even met any of them face to face but I feel like we've been friends forever.

Hmmm....should we plan a D-Mom get together in Va Beach and go to Busch Gardens? LOL! How cool would that be? All of us walking around with our little ones and having time to just sit and talk :) It's possible!!

Anyway, I enjoyed every single second of the chatting last night and I hope to set up a "meeting" once a week for all of us. Are Sunday evenings a good time? I know we will chat on msn as each of us is online but I'd like to have a day that we could all know that we'd be online.

Thanks girls for a great time last night!!

Now, onto the "gift". We had gone to Walmart last night to pick up some stuff for lunches this week and for Kayleigh to get more supplies to make fondant since she's got a 2 tier cake to make for Friday. Whenever we go to Walmart as a family, we always split up. Frankie takes Kacey and they usually go to the hunting department and I take Kayleigh and we go pick up things we need. While we were in there, Kacey convinced Frankie to take her to the jewelry department. She's been wanting a locket to put Granny's picture in and I've told her to tell Santa but I figured she went on and bought one since she was carrying a small black box. I questioned her about it and she assured me it was NOT a locket because it was a present for me. A present for ME? Why? She smiled and said, "I will tell you when we get home."

Once we got home, I still had groceries to put away and dinner to start. She was just thrilled about whatever she had in the little black box. I finally had to stop what I was doing and sit down on the couch. She grinned at me and told me to close my eyes. I did. I felt her place the little black box in my hand and then I was instructed to open my eyes. The box lid was still on and I carefully opened it. What I saw next immediately brought me to tears!Why? Why did you spend your money on me? She replied, "Mommy, that is for taking care of me and Sissy when we were sick." now I'm REALLY crying! I explained to her that it was my "job" to take care of them and she didn't need to buy me anything to thank me. I hugged them both.
Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE my "job"?


Lora said...

That is awesome... you have two AMAZING girls :)

Amy said...

Jill- My heart is still happy from our chat last night! :) Even though most of the conversation was..."Is she there?" "Can you see me?" "There she is!" Hahaha! So funny! We'll get the hang of it! Someday, somewhere, somehow....we SHALL get together!

I love your "gift"! Just precious! You do have the best job in the world- and have done very well at it. Your girls are amazing!

Meri said...

I'm so sad I missed the chat. :( I go to my inlaws every sunday and I try to stay away from the computer because it seems a little rude...It's REALLY hard for me. I would carry my computer on my hip if I could. :)

I LOVE the necklace. That is the sweetest thing ever. Your girls are priceless.

Hallie said...

Ok, now I'M crying! What a sweet little girl you have! I know you are so proud! And those cakes! WOW! I'm so impressed! Wish I could taste test one!!!
Thanx for helping me get on the chat last night! I think I'll be good to go next time! I love all the support you guys offer and am so thankful!

Shamae said...

How sweet! Kacey has a heart of gold! GOLD I tell ya! The chat was fun! Sunday evenings are good for me.

Nicole said...

1st off I had a great time chatting it was great. I just smiled at the computer the whole time and I'm doing it now too!

2nd you have the best girls every!! I have 4 girls and non of them have done something like that. What sweet hearts, they made me cry!!

Wendy said... I'm crying too. That is so incredibly precious!!!!!!

I'm up for a chat anytime! It was so funny to see us trying to keep track of everyone and opening new windows when someone got lost.

:) I'm feeling better after crying for days over Holli.

Thanks Moms.

Chris Stocker said...

That is a great gift. It puts all things into perspective. I think it is great what you are doing with the MSN chat, I hope it really catches on and you get more and more visitors each week.

Colleen said...

Awesome daughters!

Molly said...

What a touching story. So amazing when young people are so emotionally mature.
Happy D-blog day!

Jill said...

Thanks everyone!!! :)

For those that are interested in getting into our online chat group....

1. Download MSN Windows Messenger
2. Add me-
3. Meet us on Sunday at 9pm EST or when I'm lit up green I can chat anytime!
4. And....we're not limiting it to D-Moms ...Dads are welcome too :) and Grandma's ....and PWD!

Come join us for fun!!!

Shannon said...

Jill, I have to first tell you...I am SO BAD at commenting on blogs. It has been so long since I have commented here, know that I love to read about your daughters and your thoughts!

Ok so now I can tell you that necklace made me cry. That is the sweetest thing!

The chat was a blast! I loved every minute of it too!