Friday, October 30, 2009

Peeps & Pumpkins

Two exciting things....Kacey has her new "peeps" (glasses) on and we carved pumpkins this afternoon.

She is LOVING her new glasses ...about as much as I am loving mine!!
Kayleigh with her pumpkin

Kacey with her other pumpkin

All lit up!! The weather here this afternoon was beautiful and it allowed the girls to get some fresh air. I also opened up the house to let the germs out :) Things are looking up here!


Hallie said...

Lovin' those pumpkins!!! And the "peeps"! Tell Kacey she looks beautiful!

Meri said...

They look so healthy! They don't look sick, they are beautiful!

Way to go showing the flu who is boss!

(love the peeps by the way!)

:) Tracie said...

Great job on the pumpkin carving!

Good looking glasses too!

Hope they're feeling even better faster. Fresh air in the house will help.