Friday, September 11, 2009

Where Were You?

They say that you will never forget where you were when the Twin Towers were hit.

I haven't.

I was at Jennifer's house (my best friend at the time). She called me to take her and her daughter to a doctors appointment. She was in blow drying her hair and I was getting Lexie dressed while Kacey was playing on the floor. I was sitting on the floor in front of the TV when all the commotion was being broadcasted. I yelled into the bathroom for Jen to come see what was going on and we both sat there and saw the 2nd plane hit the tower LIVE! I couldn't believe what we were watching. Unfortunately we had to pull ourselves away from the TV and drive to the doctors office. They had the TV on there and we could see what was happening.

In 2006, we had the chance to take the girls to NYC and visit the site where the towers once stood. We took the ferry into NY and it was weird seeing the NYC skyline without the towers. We then took the subway to where the towers stood. As the doors of the subway opened, I had this overwhelming feeling rush over me. It was an eerie quiet and I slowly walked up to the ledge to look out. The tears rushed down my face and my heart felt like it was squeezed. I walked along the wall looking at all of the 12x12 squares....daddies, mommies, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, brothers, sisters....all of them were strangers to me but my heart felt the pain these families felt. We walked outside to see the construction going on from the street. I looked around and I recognized this street from the horrific scenes they showed those days following the collapse. As I gazed through the fence and saw the construction, I couldn't help but feel sad and angry. I was sad for all the families that will never have the remains of their loved ones. I was angry because I felt like they should have turned that place into a park, like Central Park. Sorta like a memorial ground. No, they don't have the remains of the people that died, but at least give the families some place to go to that would be like a cemetary for them.

On this day....please take a moment to remember all the heroes.

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