Monday, September 21, 2009



Thats what we're having today in the West household.

This morning, Kacey woke up at a 197. Not bad but not great. It took her 15min to move out of the bed and slowly grumbled as she got dressed. Ugh! "Please God don't let this be a sign of how the day is gonna go!" I asked her what she wanted for breakfast? Just JELLO, Mom. HUH? Did I hear her right? JELLO? She said her tummy wasn't feeling too good and all she wanted was JELLO. I convinced her to have 2 waffles and a scrambled egg instead. She ate but was s-l-o-w moving.

As we drove to school, she got tears in her eyes and said her tummy felt "nervous". I told her she'd be fine once she got to school. We walk in and she's more clingy than usual. Hmmm? Wonder whats going on? She's loving school. She adores her teachers. So I don't know why she's doing this? I kissed her goodbye and she went on to class. I scooted off to the gym after stopping to visit a friend. I walk in the gym, put my stuff in a locker, walk out to put my name on the board for one of the treadmills when.....*ringgggg* ~School Nurse~ shows across the screen of my phone. UGH! The nurse tells me that Kacey is in her office complaining of a sore throat, headache and sick tummy. Great! So she tells me that she is going to have her test her blood sugar and call me right back. About 5 min later....*ringgggg* "Hi Jill, her blood sugar is almost 300 and she really doesn't feel well." I asked to talk to her and she started to cry and tell me she wanted to go home because she didn't feel good. So I erased my name off the board and go pick her up. When I got there, she had absolutely NO color in her face! Eeep! Her nose is stuffy so I'm thinking maybe allergies are getting to her. We get home, I give her a dose of Zyrtec and within 40 minutes she's sound asleep! She slept til almost 1pm and when she woke up she was hungry. She ate and then went back to bed. About 30min later, she came out of her room holding her head. What now? She said she felt light headed and she had her meter and lancet in her hand but she was too "out of it" to do anything. I sat her down on the couch and checked her sugar...52! She ate a glucose tab and came up to a 95 in 15 minutes and then went to lay back down. Two hours later....292! WTF?!?! I give up! She's been on this stupid roller coaster and her poor body is ready to get off :( All she's done is lay around and watch movies because she says "My body is too tired to get up." I hate this!

Hopefully she'll start feeling better by tomorrow :(


Chris said...

I really hope she is feeling better. I never liked roller coasters before I was diagnosed, but a roller coaster ride like that is even worse. Keep your head up :)

type1mom said...

From one DDD to another....I hear ya!

Meri said...

I officially declare this day to be "Diabetes is Stupid Day!"

It seems EVERYONE is having issues this week!

I hope your sweet girl feels better ASAP!

Lora said...

We had a crazy high today too??
Must be in the air!
Hope she's feeling better in the morning.

Rachel said...

I hate those days! I hope that she will feel better soon