Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The C-Word

What? There is a C word?


Kacey is having a terrible time with this. We've tried different things but I was wondering if this was something common with diabetes? I know I've blogged about it before but I was wondering if anyone has any "miracle" tricks to get things moving along?


Val said...

this could be a sign of low thyroid - often goes hand-in-hand with D. If she's also feeling tired you might want your dr to do a thyroid panel...

The Pineapple Tart said...

Hi Jill, I have a ten year old daughter with Type 1 - she was diagnosed 18 months ago. Sometimes she complains of constipation and I give her 1/4 of an Ortisan tablet. You get them in Health food shops, they're a fruit cube form of laxative -

Hallie said...

Hi Jill! Avery has the same problem. SHe's 3 and was diagnosed in April. We put Miralax in her drinks - even in her water because that's what she can drink all the time. It does help but we're struggling to find the right dose. From the nurses I've wokred with, it IS a common thing with diabetics.
Our nurses want us to test her for Celiac Disease. I guess constipation can be a symptom. Let's hope it's not that- not sure I can take any more diet changes right now!!!
Hope this helps!

Dawna said...

Hey Jill,
this is certainly nothing I'm not familiar with with having a son that barely eats anything due to autism but has issues with constipation due to lack of fiber. We've been putting a simple TBSP of Benefiber in his water daily and it works like a charm. It's instantly desolvable so you can put it in water or any drink w/o it messing with the flavor. Lots of fiber in her diet. If you need any help for celiac disease (wheat & gluten allergy), I'm your girl! My son has been gluten free for the last 8 years. Good luck & keep us posted!