Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pump Question

I've got a question. It's one I've never really thought about until now.

We're having some really hot temps here in VA. Some days it's in the high 90's and the humidity is terrible. I know insulin goes bad in the heat. Since it's in her pump, and she's playing outdoors, will the insulin in her pump go bad quicker?

I've noticed that by the 3rd day, she's getting up in the 300's with her blood sugars. Could it be because the insulin is bad?

It just got me thinking because I know the pump is against her body, which is obviously warm, and then being out in the heat....is that whats causing these sugars to spike on Day 3?

Thanks for any input :) Geesh...she's been on the pump 4 months already and I've STILL got questions!


type1mom said...

I would say yes, yes, yes!! In AZ we know all about day 3 unfortunetly!

Rachel said...

We had similar issues with Tristan on the third day. I don't know if it had anything to do with the insulin going bad or not but his diabetes educator told us that with kids it's very common to see high numbers on the third day. She said that adults usually do better on a 3 day site change than kids. Tristan has been on a 2 day change change for over 1 year now and we don't have those day 3 issues anymore

Jill said...

Thank you! Thank you!

We just went on and did a site change and massive correction. She's laying down and watching TV til we get these numbers down :)

We shifted back to her tummy for the site and she cried for about 10min afterward because it was stinging so bad :( We've been using her hips (which she loves!) but I figure we need to give them a rest and switch things up. She's got quite a collection of "polka dots" now. Anyone use Mederma before? I've been using it on her bug bite scars and I was thinking about dabbing a bit on those little places when I do her legs.

Wendy said...

Not sure how I missed this one...but YES!!!!!!!! Day 3 is a bugger during the summer...as soon as insulin is over 86 degrees it's technically bad.

So...when it's 90 (ehum, or 115...) the insulin in the tubing will probably get skunked before the end of Day 3.

Addy doesn't like tummy sites at all. We use EMLA for her tummy...we've never tried anything for the scarring. Sigh. I hate that we even need to think about that.

Shamae said...

We had to start changing syd's site every other day cause her numbers were creeping up there on the third day as well. Also, our educator told us to put less insulin in the reservoir during the summer cause it will get warmer in the heat. HTH!

Molly said...

Sorry...late on this, but wanted to share what I do.
I totally rely on a Frio insulin pump pouch in the summer when I'm outside for extended times. I just get it wet, put my pump in it, and it keeps it cool all day. So nice.