Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SOL Scores

I talked a bit about SOL's (Standards of Learning) a while back. They are the tests that our kids have to take and personally ...I hate them! So much pressure is put on our kids these days and the last thing they need is to be stressed over passing a state test.

This year, SOL testing was different for Kacey. She got her test on paper and circled the answer. Her answers were then transferred to a scantron sheet by her teacher for the computer and then they were submitted after another teacher checked over it to make sure there were no mistakes in the transfer. Because of her diabetes and the swings she was having in blood sugar, they didn't want her to have to try and take it on the computer and then not do well because she had "cloudy brain" or "the shakies".

I'm pleased to announce we got the results back! Her results took longer since they were taken on paper. The other kids in her class got their results with their report cards.

The results....... PASS ADVANCED in EVERY area!!!! So not only did she pass them all....she passed them on the advanced level!!

Scores: A 600 is a perfect score...she wasn't off by too much!
Reading- 540
Math- 594
Science- 503
History- 530

All that stressing for nothing :) I knew she could do it! (And....thank you to the D-Monster for laying low on test days and cooperating so she could show her TRUE skills! You rock!)


Wendy said...

YIPEE!!! Happy Dancing in AZ :)

mom2wendy said...

When I was first told that a child needed to read 100 words to pass kindergarden, I was in shock. I have test anxiety so, I probably would have been stuck. I celebrate your good news! Great job, Kacey!!
Thank you "school" for being great to accommodate!