Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Moretic Mommy Moment

Yep...we're all gonna have them sooner or later!

Yesterday I went to have coffee with a friend of mine and while we were there Kacey's pump started to alarm after she bolused for the mac & cheese she was having for lunch. I immediately jumped up and went over to her. It said she didn't get the bolus because the tubing or cannula was blocked. Oh great! This meant we had to do an emergency site change. Thankfully I carry 2 extra sets and she still had a cartridge full of insulin. I didn't bother taking her other site out. I told her we could do that later. I hooked up the new tubing....put another site in on the opposite side of her tummy...and then restarted Herbie. Ahhhhh now that was easy enough :) We left my friends house and went to get her new cast on. She got the pink one cut off and xrays done to check to see how her arm was healing. Everything looks great! She ended up getting a blaze orange one put on. After we left there we went grocery shopping. She drug herself all over the store and was acting like she needed a nap. I bribed her and told her if she helped me with groceries then we'd stop at Starbuck's and get her hot chocolate. Yep....90F outside and she was all over the hot chocolate. She perked up and was a big help. We were pulling through Starbuck's and Herbie started to alarm again....SAME alarm! How can this be? Then I had what I'd call an "OH SHIT!" moment. I'm sitting in the parking lot with coffee and hot chocolate...a child that can't bolus because her pump is stopped....and it dawned on me what was wrong. The first time it alarmed, she had an air bubble. This time....I never filled the tubing or cannula when I put the new set on!!!

"My name is Jill, and I'm a Mommy Moron!"

Ugh! Kacey....test your blood sugar please! The look on her face said it all! She was a 435. Great! She starts to cry and says "Do you want me to save my hot chocolate?" My brain says YES because it's just gonna make things worse...but the Mommy heart of mine tells her "Nope, drink it and we're 10min from home and we'll deal with it!" She slowly sips her hot chocolate with tears running down her face. Damn Diabetes! Now I know why she was sluggish in the grocery store :( We got home and I immediate took care of the whole pump issue and we got things going again. A few corrections and she was a 123 before bed...perfect! Thankfully we didn't have the ketones pop up. I felt terrible because I was the one that caused this mess. I told Kacey how sorry I was and she says to me... "Mom it's ok, you do a good job taking care of my diabetes all the time." ***cry*** I try! I really do! But we're human and we DO make mistakes!

Lesson learned....ALWAYS make sure you fill your tubing before reconnecting!!

On another note, Kayleigh is doing well! She's been so busy that she hasn't even been able to upload pics to her MySpace or Facebook. I get pic texts to my phone and I'll share those soon. Saturday she went to the Swap Meet and bought most of her souveniers. Then they went to the Polynesian Cultural Center and had a wonderful time at a luau after that. Sunday she spent time in the pool and relaxed for a bit. Yesterday she went to the aquarium. Then today she hiked Diamond Head! So she's been very busy and I'm so excited to see some pics! Tomorrow she is going to North Shore and then on Thursday she is going snorkeling. My mom leaves on Friday to come back home and then Kayleigh will stay there with my brother. He's got other things planned to do with her by herself.

Had some excitement here at home. We made the decision to plant our field (about 4 acres) with pumpkins. Frankie and our neighbor planted 7,000 pumpkin seeds! Within 4-5 days we should start seeing some sign of growth. I'm VERY excited! Now we have to come up with a name for the pumpkin farm. My suggestion was "Sleepy Hollow" so we'll see if I win :) One more thing to keep us busy!

Thats all for now :)


mom2wendy said...

Never a moron...just a Mom to a sweet little girl with a blasted disease!

Wendy said...

Thanks, Mom :)

Yeah...I forgot to "fill cannula" once -- right before bed...and didn't figure it out until THE NEXT MORNING!!!!

It must be a day of HIs...Addy was over 500 today and just about every D mom I know has also been fighting highs. We'll chalk it up to a bad day all around ;)

Anyway, CONGRATS on the pumpkin farm!!!! I can't wait to see it. My dad lives in Williamsburg...how long does it take for the pumpkins to harvest? He'll be heading back out here for the winter -- maybe I'll have him bring me one :)

Can't wait to see pics from Hawaii!!! And orange? COOL STUFF!

type1mom said...

I've done that more than ONCE, AND left the pump in PRIME MODE!! I've felt the same way!!((HUGS)

Amy said...

I'll jump in with Wendy on the high blood sugars! Jada was 400 at bed time tonight- I believe all due to a brownie that someone left sitting within reach of a certain 4 year old's fingers! She just woke up a few minutes ago- crying and beyond thirsty. Two glasses of water guzzled in a matter of a few minutes!