Friday, June 26, 2009

More FUZE Excitement!

Kacey and I went up to our local video store to rent a movie for tonight and when we got to the checkout, what was in the drink case?!?! FUZE! It was a different one! The other day she had the Strawberry Melon and this one was the Tropical Punch. Of course I didn't turn her down! This is like trying new flavors of lifesavers :)

Just imagine her excitement when she turned the bottle over and she read the label....ONE CARB PER SERVING!!! That means the whole bottle is only 2 CARBS!!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!

And...for Wendy and's another Fuze Funny Pic :) I'm so glad our babies have found a cool drink that won't fool with their blood sugars! Only bad thing is they are $1.79 a piece here. Wonder if they sell them by the case? LOL! Hmmmm maybe I need to check Sam's Club!


Amy said...

Cute pics! Our Sam's Club had them for just under $15- almost got them, but decided we ought to try before we buy a big ole pack of them!

Rachel said...

I am so going to look for that this weekend!!! I hope that I can find a store that carries them in our small little town. I found them by the case on amazon

But it looks like it's more expensive than Amy's Sam's club! :)

mom2wendy said...

Hey, what company makes fuze? I'm gonna write for coupons! How can anyone turn down an "Old Gma" trying to help her T1 gbaby and friends? If I see coupons...I'll share!! After all, I am old enough for Ms. Sr. Citizen status!!

Shamae said...

Wendy's mom---great idea!! I think the Coke company makes the drink actually. The website is

Anyway I am glad you like it! We love it too. It is such a great option. For us, we call it a free drink. No insulin required. My favorite flavors are the pomegranite and the blueberry/raspberry.

They are kind of pricy but I can't tell you how much we love having this option for Sydney. LOVE IT!!

Jill said...

OK girls....I've contacted FUZE and invited them over here to check out the latest buzz about their product and the funny pics of how excited our kids are! Who knows...maybe they will send us all coupons for a free case :) I also thanked them for a great product for not only our kids but other adults with diabetes as well. It just opens up their options for more drinks! I'll keep you all posted :) (Thanks Momma for a great idea! Go tell them how much your granddaughter loves their drink!)

No Sugar Needed said...

Nikki loves these too - so does my non-D daughter Amber

Shannon said...

My princess loves Fuze too! They give it away at every JDRF function we have been too!

We also really like the Crystal Clear sodas too. They sell those for .59 at our grocery store!

Wendy said...

So cute! Our silly Fuze FUN!!!!

I feel like we're in high school and sharing a cool fad -- then passing notes about it in class ;)