Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Scrappin' Momma

Yesterday was absolutely amazing!

Yesterday was the first time in 10 months that I've left the girls for the entire day. YES...the ENTIRE day!

I woke up at 6am and tiptoed in to check Kacey's blood sugar. She was snuggled into her covers and sleeping so sound. I tested her without her even budging and then tiptoed out. Everyone was still asleep so I quietly made my way to the shower. Once I got dressed, I heard the pitter-patter of Kacey's feet coming across the hardwood floor. It was after 7am and she was wide awake. Frankie woke up shortly after she came in and it wasn't long before Kayleigh was up. Today was a BIG day for Mommy! Where was I going?

I left the house at 7:30am and I met a friend of mine for morning coffee at 8am. Something I totally miss doing!! I left the coffee shop and headed to my destination for the entire day. I'd be scrapbooking with a group of my friends from 9am to 5pm :) . I entered the room with my scrapbook suitcases in tow and sat down at a table about 5ft long that I had to myself. I layed all of my things out and when I sat down I felt this amazing feeling of relief. For one entire day I wouldn't have to count carbs, check blood sugars, worry about lows, chase highs or listen to a teenager mouth. I was in company of my friends and I could just enjoy being "Jill" for a change. I can't even begin to explain how wonderful this was for me. My spirits were lifted and my creative brain was flowing so fast. I only got 2 calls the entire day. I'd asked Frankie not to call me unless it was something they REALLY needed. Well...about 9:30am my phone rings...(only 30min after I sat down).... "Hi Mom, it's Kayleigh! I won't keep you but will you tell me how many carbs are in 2 waffles because we are having breakfast at Granny's and Daddy didn't bring the waffle box". LOL I had to chuckle! "It's 30 carbs and tell Daddy he needs to remember those things!" Haha...I heard him laugh in the background. So I hung up and went back to scrapping. What project was I working on? Kacey's Diabetes Journey ...the last 10 months worth of pictures. LOL I know, I just couldn't get away from it all! Some of the pics made me laugh...others made me tear up...and then theres the ones where I felt inspired. The pictures that are worth 1000 words and tell a silent story. The pictures that made my heart smile to know that one day Kacey would be telling her "story" and have this book to show her journey to the person she will become.

So what were the girls doing with Daddy while I was having the day to myself? They went to visit his Granny for breakfast and then he took them to the movies to see "17 Again". Both of my girls are Zac Efron fans and they LOVED the movie! Around 2pm my phone rang again.... "Hi Honey, I hate to disturb you but I'm taking the girls to Taco Bell for lunch and I don't know how many carbs are in 2 soft tacos?" LOL... "Frankie where is your Calorie King book?" Haha he chuckled again and I told him how many carbs she needed to bolus for and the convo ended with "I hope you're having fun and we'll see you whenever you get home!". I hung up and I smiled because it wasn't "see you at 5-5:30pm" was "see you when you get home"...which told me things were completely under control and I was in NO rush to leave.

Back to scrapping....
I kept my head down and continued to work hard on each page. Putting all those memories on paper made me so happy and knowing that my girls were safe made me even happier. I'd planned on leaving at 2pm but after the phone call, I knew I could stay til 5pm. Around 4:45pm, we started to clean things up. I'd won several door prize tickets for doing certain things with paper during the day and then we got 1 ticket for each page we completed (not counting journaling). 1....2...3...(keep counting)..30...31...32....33!!! I completed 33 pages in 8 hours :) I'm only half way done but I was thrilled to get that much done. I entered my tickets in the drawing. I really wanted this pack of paper that included stickers, small paper and journaling cards. It's gorgeous! I dumped 3/4 of my tickets into that bowl and then I waited. I WONNNNNNN!!! O-M-G...I was soooo excited! :) After hugs and pictures, I left. While I was driving home, I felt so refreshed. I was relaxed and had time to de-stress. It was MUCH needed time away and I'm so thankful I had the whole day.

My plans now....
I'm hoping to take one day a month and do this with my girlfriends. We can all bring a dish and meet for the whole day and just scrap :) I told Frankie about my plans and he agreed that it was a good thing so I'm looking forward to June already!


Jennifer said...

That is so awesome!! I really need to scrapbook Courtney's journey, I just haven't brought myself to be able to do it yet. Maybe someday! Are you going to take pics & share the layouts you did????? hint hint LOL

Wendy said...

YEAH JILL!!!! That's SO awesome ;) I'm so happy for you!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!

:) Tracie said...

You got over 30 pages done?!!!!!?
I can only get 2-3 done in 4 hours!

...cut to worship bowing...."I'm not worthy!!!"....Wayne's World humor!

Even though we "get away", we never really are away. At least you had interaction with friends and got to be creative, great refueling!!!