Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 2 with Dex

Today has been a weird day between Herbie & Dex.

Kacey woke up at a 145 this morning. By snack time at 10am, she was a 126. Thats a perfect number for her to be able to do her school work. By lunch time at 12:30pm, Dex was beeping and vibrating and said she was a 38! A test with Herbie revealed a 67! She's never been that low in the middle of the say at school. She went on to lunch and after lunch they went to a meeting with the principals. Next week is SOL testing and they were going over certain rules. One of the main cell phones. During their talk with the entire 3rd grade class, Dex decided to make his presence known and beep and vibrate and show off a 55. The kids thought it was someone's cell phone and one of the kids spoke up and announced "It's just Kacey beeping!" LOL! Mrs. P, the assistant principal, reassured everyone that she knew it was Kacey and it was fine because it wasn't a cell phone. Kacey said her cheeks were so red because she was embarrassed. Thanks Dex! Her blood sugar made a nice climb to 119 by 1pm. When it was time for resource at 2:30pm, she was sitting high on a 209. She felt fine the rest of the afternoon and by dinner at 5pm, she was a 188. After dinner, we went outside and she rode her bike for about 45 min before Dex decided to show off once again. He was telling her that her BG was 55...again! Ugh! She got off her bike and came in the house to test. Herbie said she was an 87. She wanted to go back out and play but I knew she was on her way down. We went back out and she just walked around the yard and then.... beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep LOW. Good grief Dex! This time he just showed LOW in the window. (check out the chart below...looks like an EKG to me...LOL!) LOW....and Herbie says 75.
It's been a back and forth battle between the two of them all day. Dex says one thing but Herbie says another. I know we're calibrating correctly so I'm not sure if this is what it is spose to do or not? Some times when she tests, Dex is within 20 points or less and then other times he is wayyyy off! Don't know how accurate that will be when it comes to looking for trends? Is this love/hate relationship normal between pumps and CGMS's?

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Wendy said...

I had the same frustrations with Nav. I know there's a learning curve and I know I really ought to give him another chance...

One day. When school is out. We'll give it another go.

Tell Dex to bring flowers. It seemed to help Nav for a day or so ;)