Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sticky Removal

After several site changes, we're now starting to face the sticky mess that is left behind from the sites. What do you use to remove this mess?

I've tried simple alcohol but after wiping til the skin was red, we gave up!
Next try.... GOO GONE! It might be something used for getting sticky stuff off of glass and other surfaces, but it worked magic on her skin. I followed the cleanup with a wipe down of alcohol and it was clean without any red marks.

Is there something else that is made to take off the sticky glue? Any home remedies that you use and would like to share with us?


Wendy said...

BABY OIL :) Works like a charm and leaves the skin moisturized...just make sure you don't get it anywhere near the current site or it'll fall out.

PS (We tried a couple expensive alternatives before resorting to this one...79 cents on sale sale at Safeway. Can't beat that!)

:) Tracie said...

I was going to say Unisolve or Tack Away wipes....but I'm going to try Wendy's suggestion as well.

Shamae said...

We haven't really had any problems with sticky-ness after we take out Syd's site so I don't have any advice! Sorry.

Rachel said...

We use Uni-Solve from Smith&Nephew. Believe it or not, it's actually covered by our insurance!!! :)

No Sugar Needed said...

We use unisolv also and it's covered under our insurance as well - Jill, if you can check out the picture of Nikki's tummy that I posted on my blog entry - you'll see some of that on her tummy too (because she likes to be in charge of getting it off, which means there is always a litte hanging around LOL)

Lynnea said...

We've tried a few methods to remove sites...De-Solv-it was our first method..kind of like Goo-gone. Turns out that eventually caused all of J.J.'s horrible burning rashes.:-( Seemed to work like a charm at first.

Because of the rash situation I switched to only having him soak it off in the shower or tub. He can now take a lightning fast shower if need be to get it off, but the warm water does the trick and cleans the area well.

Lately I've tried Unisolve and the baby oil because he was "too busy" to get in a shower(so he said)....The unisolve caused a rash again, and the baby oil didn't work at all. I ended up peeling a layer of skin off!:-( But maybe that was because it was "old" baby oil...but I didn't think baby oil could go "bad".

So....that is our trick. We schedule showers around his site changes.