Thursday, April 16, 2009

Relief in Sight

I've had such a headache and sick stomach the last 24 hours. I've had some time to de-stress today. The principal asked me this morning if we could meet Monday at 2:30pm. Perfect! So the meeting is in place and we'll see what we can do to get Kacey back on track.

We had our first "alarm panic" today. Thankfully I was helping out at Kacey's school today. Her pump alarm went off and she'd never seen the alert before and she told her teacher because her pump continued to beep. Her teacher sent her on a wild goose chase after me. By the time she found me, she was frantic because she didn't know what was wrong with Herbie.

"Bolus programming not complete"

Yikes! I've never seen this either and I had no book to know what that meant. Using common sense, I gathered that it meant she didn't get the complete bolus. So how much did she get? Ugh! So since her snack only had 5 carbs, I just went on and did a correction and let it be to see what happened. I stuck around school the rest of the day, just in case she needed me. She did fine and Herbie didn't sound off the alarms.

As for her blood sugars at school today... 186 when she woke up....265 at snack....203 at lunch....and 197 at resource time. When she got home from school she was an 88! *sigh* They aren't as rough as yesterday but they still arent great.

I'll keep everyone updated as we go!

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plasticpancreas said...

The "bolus programming not complete" just means that you forgot to hit "okay" to deliver the insulin. Sometimes I think I hit okay and put my pump away, but I actually didn't hit the button hard enough.

Usually after you clear the alert, it will show the amount that you had intended to deliver and you can hit "okay" again.