Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

HaPpY EaStEr!
The girls had a great Easter this year. We woke up around 8am and the girls were excited to see what "Easter Bunny" had left. Kacey got another piece to her play-doh set...The Spaghetti Factory. She's really gotten into being breative with play-doh and making stuff. Kayleigh got an iTunes gift card and they both got some chocolate treats sprinkled by the Easter Bunny. We got dressed and went to visit Frankie's Granny. She is having surgery this week to remove a cancerous tumor from her kidney that is the size of an apple. The surgeon is taking her entire kidney out so you can imagine how worried we are since she's 86! She looked great and is still getting along well and the girls enjoyed their time down there with her. After that, we came back home and got things ready for the evening. My Mom & Brian came over and the girls had their Easter egg hunt. Yeah, I thought they were too old and we didn't do one last year but for some reason they asked for one this year but wanted us to make it hard to find the eggs. So thats what we did ! ;) The laughed and had a wonderful time. Then they got some Easter goodies from Mom & Brian. Kacey got 5 more pump packs :) We cooked out on the grill for dinner but we had to bring it inside because the wind was so cold. It really was a great day!

Kacey with her new pump packs
You're never too big for an egg hunt...especially when they are filled with money!

More hunting.... Miley even got in on the fun and was guarding 2 eggs!

258 eggs later..... Kayleigh collected $27.17 and Kacey collected $23.00!

One more day of Spring Break :( I'm not looking forward to the girls going back. For the last 3 days, Kacey's blood sugars have been PERFECT! Nothing below 69 and nothing above 180!! The site we did held up well with the clear IV dressing overtop of it. Tomorrow is site change day ...ugh! :( She is insisting that she wants to do it herself so we'll see what kind of drama unfolds!

I hope everyone had a very blessed day!

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