Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weird Climb

Yesterday it was a gorgeous 80F here in VA and we decided to take a family walk around 6pm. One mile led to two and it was refreshing to have some "family time". I could tell on the way back that Kacey was winding down and getting tired. It was almost 8pm so we'd be checking BG for bed anyway. When we got home, she washed up and sat down to test.... 97! Wow :) I wasn't expecting that. I was really expecting something close to 300 since she was bouncing and running as we walked. She went on to bed and I decided to recheck her at 10pm, just to be sure she didn't bottom out. Test.... 124. **puzzled look** She went up? So then I decided to get up at 2 and check again... 163! Holy cow! She kept going up? This morning she got up at 6am and tested at a 172 :( and I thought we were doing good and then she just continued to climb all night. So what does this mean?

Got a call yesterday from Kacey's CDE to confirm how many were coming to Pump Training next Friday. Kacey's school nurse will be attending and I was very pleased about that! I was also excited to find out that Kacey's CDE will be the one doing the training! :) When I told Kacey about it, it sorta eased her mind to know that Kristen would be there to show her how to do everything. Only one more week!


Wendy said...

Well...I'm not an expert, but...I think her rising numbers means


(and it doesn't explain itself very well!!!)

Amy said...

I like Wendy's answer! :) I've had this happen with Jada before- and I just shake my head!

Jill said...

LOL Wendy! I'd have to say...


Hahaha! Oh least she woke up with a smile and didn't fight me to get dressed :) That always means we're at least starting off to a good day LOL!