Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still Sick & 2am Funny

Yesterday was exhausting!

At 4pm, Kacey woke up from her 2 hour nap. I heard her yell for me and screaming she was low. When I got to the bed she was shaking and shivering like she had a fever but it was from the low. She had Herbie in her hand and looked up at me with this pitaful face and said "I'm low!" I tested her...63. Yikes! So I tried offering her juice and she refused and pulled the covers over her head crying. I grabbed 2 glucose tabs and she ate those. She was all sweaty and just laying there staring at me like she was looking right through me. She hadn't even noticed the bear beside her :( I tried to show her but she just seemed so out of it! After 15 min, Herbie beeped telling her to test again (I absolutely LOVE this feature!) and she was only up to an 86 but she was more alert. She said she was hungry and all she wanted was spaghettios...ugh! It wasn't until she sat up to eat that she realized that Herbie was in the bear. She was so excited! About an hour later, she starts screaming with her tummy hurting. Test again...338! Ugh...so now I'm thinking this is the start of ketoacidosis that everyone keeps talking about. Test ketones- negative. Wow! So by 7pm, she was down to a 253. She was still hungry but I had her wait til 8pm since that was her snack time. She was down to a 210 by then and so we did a correction and dosed for her snack. I went to lay down since by this point I had a terrible headache. I started to watch HOUSE and I don't think I made it 10 minutes into the show...LOL! Ya think my body was telling me I needed rest? Ha! Next thing I knew, my alarm was going off at 2am. I shut it off and realized Kacey was in bed with me. Hmmm? When did that happen? So I tested her and she was down to a 118 with no IOB so I knew she'd be ok through the night. She woke me up at 3:30am because she was thirsty and her throat hurt again. I asked her how long she had been in bed with me? LOL..."Daddy put her in bed with me at 9pm when it was bedtime". Ahhhhhhhhh! He's a slicker! I don't even remember her getting in the bed. I guess he figured if she was laying beside me then I wouldn't have to get up to check her at 2am. (Wonder if he was trying to make a point? LOL!!) Unfortunately, he forgot to put the lancet and test strips on the nightstand...hahaha! I still had to get up. The alarm went off again at 6am...tested her and she was up to a 158. Geesh...from a 118 to 158 with nothing to eat! Now that we got Kayleigh off to school, we're both going to lay back down and try and get some rest. I'll update later :)


Shamae said...

Oh don't you hate sick days. They are so unpredictable. Syd's sugars go all over the place too when she is sick. But, rest assured, they will smooth out once the sick bug is out of her system. I think that bear is adorable!!! What a great idea. Sydney saw him and said, I want a bear like that. lol

Ok so to answer your questions/comments about Syd's CGM. Yes it sucks. I hate it. I love it. I hate it because it is invasive and big and painful. I love it because when she wears it, her A1C is better. It really has helped us to find problem areas that you just don't catch with only finger testing. Keep in mind, she doesn't wear it all the time. We do 2-3 weeks every other month. I hyperlinked our first night with the CGM on my last post and that will tell you a bit more about how Syd's works. I don't know if the COZMO pump has a CGM or how it works though. I would imagine they are all similar but I just don't know. Yes, normally it bleeds. Yesterday though was excessive. It bled a lot...if you watch close at the end of the video, you can see it starting to pool out of the CGM. Today I had to pull it because it was really hurting her and starting to bruise. That has never happened before. I think I just hit a vein. That doesn't happen often. We also use a lydocain cream and put it on for 2 hours prior to insertion and that has really helped with the pain level. Yesterday just happened to be a wierd insert. Now I have to gear up to do it again. Like I said, it's love/hate. :D Whew, sorry for the long response!

Jill said...

Shamae~ Thanks for your response! Kacey is loving the bear! It was also easier to find when it was time for that 2am test instead of digging in a pocket for it.

Thanks for the CGM info. Right now I know Kacey isn't ready for it. We're still getting over the "bleeder" we had with a site the other day. I know that neither of us is ready to do the bigger needles yet. It's always great to hear about others trials with it though :) Thanks a bunch!!