Monday, March 2, 2009

More Changes

Because we are snowed in, I had no way to fax blood sugars this morning. Last night, Kacey's numbers went haywire! I noticed her downing a glass of water and asked her if she felt ok. She said she did but she was very thirsty... blood sugar check, please! The meter said....YIKES! Her numbers haven't hit the 300's in a while! Hmmm...think Jill, think! Ahhh it's 2 hours post meal. Looks like a possible dose change because her body must be back to "normal" since the flu. We pushed more water and tested an hour later. The meter said.... HOLY HIGH NUMBERS BATMAN! What in the world is going on? Geesh! So we tried more water...and waited...she dozed off and I tested her at 10pm. The meter read... 220 mg/dl. So I knew I could catch a few hours of rest before I had to test again. Set the clock for 2am... tested... 180 mg/dl. Whew! I can sleep :) This morning she woke up at a 168 mg/dl. She did fine at breakfast but 2 hours post lunch was a disaster! She was screaming she was hungry and very thirsty. Test again, please! The meter read..... Thats it! I gave her more water and called her CDE. I explain whats going on and tell her since we're snowed in I couldn't fax blood sugars but a dose change was needed because she was hitting the 300's. I asked to change it back to what it was before she got the flu since obviously she was all better and her body was telling me it was...LOL! She agreed to change it back and see what happens the next 3 days. While I had her on the phone, I asked her about NovoLog vs. Humalog and she had no idea why our prescription was written for Humalog if we were on NovoLog in the hospital. They usually start you on what the preferred insulin for your insurance it. In our case, NovoLog is cheaper and thats what we were started on but somehow ended up with a prescription written for Humalog. The NovoLog pens are a 2nd tier instead of 3rd tier...$30 instead of $50!! Once we start using the vials then it will only be $15! Wowwwww! Thats a HUGE savings for us :) Guess I'm glad I did some research on our insurance's website otherwise we never would have caught it.

Now if I can just figure out how much pump supplies are going to cost us?!?!

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type1mom said...

Yikes for high numbers! Maddison's honeymoon lasted about 15 months and then was ended with her first eye! That could be a possibility, unfortunetly! I never knew how crazy Diabetes was for kids until after the honeymoon! I hope you get it figured out easily with changing back to pre-illness!