Saturday, February 28, 2009

Meet Amy

I'd like to introduce you to Amy. Amy has type 1 diabetes. According to Kacey, Amy is already 9 years old (Kacey will be 9 on March 8th) and was diagnosed when she was 3. Amy is taking shots but she will soon have an insulin pump (gotta get my creative Mommy mind going).
Amy is Kacey's new friend.
Nope, she's not real, she's a doll.
We decided to give her one of her birthday presents a week early. She's been asking for a "Diabetes Doll" like the American Girl dolls. Geesh! Have you seen the prices of those American Girl dolls? I can't afford $100 for a doll right now but when I ran across this doll for $30 in Target, I couldn't pass her up. She came with all sorts of neat stuff and she's about the same size as the AG dolls!
Kacey went on to explain to me that since Amy came with ice cream and a cupcake then it was showing everyone that kids with diabetes can eat sweet things if they take a shot. Also, she came with a diabetes bag (pink purse) and Kacey tells me this is where Amy keeps her meter and her glucose tabs (LOL! This kid has always had a great imagination!)


k2 said...


Amy said...

Very cool!!

amylia said...

that's very sweet. I wish I had a friend like Amy when I needed one!

BTW, my (identical twin) sister was also diagnosed with her t1 diabetes at age eight. She just had her third successful diabetic pregnancy and is healthy and happy (we're 31) and a mommy with two healthy boys (4 and 2) and a newborn baby girl, all happy and healthy. :)

Jill said...

Karen & Amy~ Thanks :)

Amylia~ Thats soooo cool! It gives me a happy feeling as a Mommy to know that one day Kacey can have a healthy "normal" pregnancy like other women. Congrats on being an Auntie again as well! :)