Friday, February 6, 2009

6 Things

I was tagged by Shannon to post six things that make me happy. Here are the rules: Link to the person who has tagged you. Write down six things that make you happy. Post the rules, tag six others and let them know you did it. Then tell the person when your entry is complete.

1. Being a Mommy...nothing else in this world makes me happier than my girls. They are the bright spot in my day and I'm so blessed to be a mother. They bring such joy to my life and always seem to make me smile with the littlest things.

2. Teaching...teaching is the next best thing to being a parent. I feel "at home" in the classroom and I've always been a natural at it. I'm so glad that I found the passion to be in the classroom again.

3. Flowers...not store bought ones....I like fresh cut flowers from outside. I have daffodils, irises and tulips planted all over the yard and I let the girls pick them as soon as they bloom and we keep a vase on the dining room table for them. Something about flowers always makes me smile.

4. Shopping with my Mom...every Saturday our ritual is to wake up about 7:30am and meet my Mom for breakfast and then go shopping. We've done this for years now. Before diabetes, the girls used to spend the night at her house on Friday nights and I would meet them on Saturday mornings and we'd have breakfast and shop til lunchtime (sometimes later). I really miss those days and I know my Mom does too! Once Kacey is on the pump then we will gain the confidence for her to go overnight again :)

5. Sunny Days...I love being out in the sunshine. Long walks, bike rides, beach days, pool days, Busch Gardens, Water Country...and much more!

6. The Diabetes OC...without all of you on here I'd probably still be struggling along. You all have given me the courage to fight this D-Monster and I love you all! The support I get is amazing and I love sharing everything here!

Hmmmm I'm tagging more than I should LOL!
Sheri, Cara, Penny, Wendy, Kelly, Amy, Lynnea, Rachel & Cody


Shannon said...

So cool! Loved it! Thanks for doing it!

Cara said...

I will post it sometime this week. Super busy. :) Getting ready for my trip.
I love this. It's nice to remember things that make us happy.

Cara said...

I'm done! :) Finally got to it.