Friday, February 6, 2009

Getting "Pump" Creative

Making the transition between shots and pump is a HUGE jump. I wanted to be sure that Kacey got the full effect of what it would be like to be "hooked up". We left the Pump Class last night with a tube dangling and it's hard for an 8yr old to imagine something being connected to the other end. So the creative teacher part of me had to figure out some way to help her understand what she'd be wearing almost 24hr a day.

So....think Jill.....think....AHHHHHHHHHH :) I got it!

I went into Kayleigh's bedroom and took her old cell phone and case. Since the Cozmo is shaped like a small cell phone this was perfect! I grabbed the hammer and knocked off the antenna on the top. TA-DA! Instant "make believe" pump!

I pushed the end of the tubing into the antenna part and she's "hooked up". I slid it into the case and she is now proudly sporting a "make believe" pump. She's going to wear it for the next 3 days so she knows how it will feel to have it with her all the time. So far....she's loving it! She practiced disconnecting her tubing this morning so she could show her friends when she gets to school. I really don't think the transition will be any problem for Kacey.I'm so proud of her :)

Over the next few days I will do an interview with Frankie and Kayleigh to see how being "connected" was for them.


Rachel said...

LOL you so rock Jill!!! I never would have thought of that! :) Good for you!

Cody Turner said...

Great idea. It is easier for them to know what it feels like before they go into it. I know I didn't trial with saline or anything, I had my pump shipped to me and I hooked myself up the same day, but it is amazing on how quickly you get used to it. I think it took me 2 days to get used to it and I forget I am hooked up to it and have had slingo pump many times coming back at me from standing up and it not being connected to my pants.


Cara said...

Fantastic idea. :)

Wendy said...

Looks great! I'm so excited for you guys :)