Friday, February 13, 2009

Dose Change & Party

I had to put in a call to Kacey's CDE today. We had a repeat episode of yesterday this afternoon. Her charted blood sugars looked like an EKG...LOL! She had a low of 57 this afternoon and she had NO symptoms this time. She only tested because she was scared she'd drop like she did yesterday and sure enough....she did! She treated with glucose tabs like she did yesterday and only came up to a 166. Her CDE wants me to change carb ratios at lunch from 1:12 to 1:15 and see if that makes a difference. She did explain that all the physical activity she was having was probably causing it all but we could change that now and see how she did through the weekend. If she has more than 2 lows in one day then she wants me to call the emergency line over the weekend. If she doesn't then we need to fax blood sugars on Monday like we usually do and they will take a look at her week and see what changes they need to make.

I thought for sure she'd be running high today since she was having a Valentine's Day party. I figured the excitement would keep her high and silly me didn't think that she'd be saving all her treats to bring home! She was proud of herself that she saved them and then she said if she had known she was going to drop then she would have eaten them! LOL! Oh well! She got several "candy" treats from friends and one little boy gave her "sugar free" heart peeps. He was so proud of himself and told Kacey that he knew she couldn't have sugar and so he got her those so she could have some too. How sweet! Kacey didn't go into the whole spill about sugar free stuff with him...she just thanked him for thinking of her and making her feel special. I thought that was very grown-up of her :) and she didn't hurt his feelings for going out of his way to make sure she had what he thought she could! This is the same little boy that told his mother he HAD to be there for Kacey at the Walk to a Cure so he could make sure she was ok while she was walking. This kid has a heart of gold! And do you know...his mother made it a point to bring him so he could walk with Kacey that day and he missed out on another family event to be there with her. Thats what I call a true friend regardless of gender! Her teacher said that she had a hard time walking up and down the candy aisle and instead of doing candy for the class she decided she was giving them all "Free Homework Passes" ...YAYYY! One more reason we love Mrs. M!! The kids didn't know that she'd stressed over what to get them because she didn't want Kacey feeling left out and Kacey was thrilled to have another pass to use on "high blood sugar" days!


Rachel said...

Oh what a sweet boy!!! That is so thoughtful of him. And him being with Kacey for the walk is amazing. You're right, that is one wonderful friend!

It's nice to see that Kacey's teacher thought of her and came up with an original idea. It's really great to see how big people's heart can be and how much their care about our children! :)

Let us know how it goes over the weekend with the carb to ratio change.

Wendy said...

Sounds like a perfect future son-in-law!!!