Thursday, February 5, 2009

The BIG Day!

Today is the BIG day...we go to Children's Hospital for the Pump Class to choose Kacey's pump. She's so excited and it's sent her blood sugars through the roof. I've done all my "homework" and now I just need to listen to the pump reps tell me all about each pump and make our final decision. Kacey is still saying she wants the Cozmo and I'm almost certain that's what we will go with but I want to listen to what features they tell us about first.

She will also get to have a site put in. She's scared and nervous but only about the pain compared to shots. We were also given the option to have a site put in so we could see how it feels. When I told Kacey this she started to cry and said "Mommy please don't get one because I don't want you to have diabetes." That brought immediate tears to my eyes. I choked through them and reassured her that just because I had a site didn't mean I'd get diabetes, it meant that I wanted to feel the pain she would be feeling so I could better understand how it feels. She still insisted that I NOT get one. So I'm hoping she will change her mind and I'm leaving it up to her because I don't want her feeling anymore upset emotion than she has to.

I'll update after we get home tonight or tomorrow morning. The class is from 5:30-8:30pm so depending on how tired we are, I'll try and get on :)


Rachel said...

Good luck you guys!!! What a great day! It's funny, when we put Tristan on the pump, we didn't really have a choice, one of us had to wear a site as part of the training so that we could understand better.

Let us know how it goes :)

type1mom said...

YAY! How exciting! All the pumps are great because they give us so much freedom, control and health! Whichever you choose you will LOVE it! (HUGS)

Allison said...

Personally, I think shots hurt more than the pump, but that could just be me. I've heard good things about the Cozmo, but I've been on Minimed for almost 9 years and I love it. I also love the CGM integration. Definitely can't beat having 1 gadget for 2 things.

I think trying out a set might be good (as well as testing and all that), but if it makes her uncomfortable, just do it when she not around. It's not crucial, but it's a nice idea.

:) said...

Whatever you choose, it will be such a GOOD difference in managing!
We personally went with Animas. Besides the cool colors, if you need to call for help with the pump you talk to CDE's, not just customer service reps.. We tried a site as well, much to our daughters crying too, but we needed to know what she goes through for it.

Cara said...

Let us know. Bless her heart. It will be good though. Better than what I dealt with at that age, by far!