Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weird Feeling?

Kacey experienced something really weird last night and again today.

Last night she went to bed around 8pm and woke up at 9:30pm in a sobbing cry. I went in her room and she was sitting up in bed wiping her face. I asked her what was wrong? I thought maybe she was dreaming and she said her tummy hurt. So I felt her face to see if she was warm. She wasn't. She then said "Mommy I think I need to test because I feel low." LOW? She was a 234 before bed. She couldn't be that low in just an hour. So I got her kit and she was a 199. She sat there and continued to sob insisting she was low. She kept saying "Mommy I feel it! I feel low!" So I retested her to make sure...198. Nope she wasn't low. She did it again this morning. She woke up at a 156 and was extremely tired. She said she felt "fuzzy". She insisted she was low and she knew what low felt like! Because I don't know what a low feels like, it's hard for me to understand what her body is doing. Does anyone know what she's talking about? Could she be feeling like that because she's starting to come down from a 200+ blood sugar? I don't know and I don't understand why she's feeling this.

She did go on to school and she said she didn't have the feeling anymore. When she tested for dinner she was a 91 and she wasn't feeling "weird".

I'm baffled!


Lynnea said...

Sorry can't help you here...J.J. is still to young to REALLY tell me what's going on....although I remember reading blogs where they have the "fuzzies"!:)

Cara said...

If it's dropping really really fast, you can feel low, even though you aren't there yet.
One time, when I was little, I woke up one morning for school and felt like I was low. Headache, couldn't think straight, weirdness all around. Well, my mom went & got me juice while she went to get my meter and test (remember, this was a long time ago. Testing took 1 1/2 to 2 minutes). I drank it down quick. She tested, and instead of low, I was in the 300s. The only time it's ever happened that I can remember. But it can happen.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I do find that when I'm right near that 200 mg/dl number, I feel almost the same as when I'm low.

Penny said...

If Riley's sugar drops too fast he'll sometimes say he feels low even though he's in range. But, it doesn't sound like her sugar was dropping to fast. So, that's probably no help to you at all.

Jill said...

I'm still baffled but I was wondering if this was possible....

When she was diagnosed her Endo told us that she'd had blood sugars into the 600-700 range for quite some time. Her body seemed to be used to being high because she was in DKA and still alert and aware. After she started on insulin she'd still hover in the 300's. She wouldn't get that "sick" feeling when she was that high but now when she gets around 225-250 it seems that she starts with a headache and sick stomach like when she had the higher blood sugars. So I'm wondering since it's been 6 months now, could her body finally be leveling out and now when she goes "high" she's feeling the "true high" symptoms, which can be similar to feeling low?

Scott, I don't know what that feels like so it's hard for me to compare how it feels when you're high vs. a low? Are the symptoms similar?

No Penny, you're right, she wasn't dropping fast but she was so upset and very sure her meter was wrong and she was low.

Lynnea, that has to be very frustrating! I'm glad Kacey can tell me when she doesn't feel quite right but then again, its times like these when even though she feels it, it's not showing on the meter!

Penny said...

There have been a few times that Riley has told me he felt low but when I tested he was high instead. But, he was always at least in the 300s. Then sometimes he's in the 300s and doesn't feel anything at all. Go figure.

type1mom said...

My Maddison has had alot of issues this past year with confusing lows with highs. (she was dx'd 12-2006 at age 6) I do so also myself like Scott said, right when I'm around the 200 mark.

Sometimes after running high awhile you will feel low at a higher number. The body is a remarkable thing that gauges high/low feelings based on what range you have been experiencing lately. Dropping, spiking, emotions, excersize induced heart rate..can all feel like a low. It is a tricky thing these feelings! Visit my blog over at to see how Maddison is so much like your daughter!