Friday, January 30, 2009

Nuggets of Wisdom- FREE E-book

A few weeks ago, there was a contest over at DiabetesMine and some fantastic prizes were given out. The entries were judged carefully by Amy Tenderich, Allison Blass and Scott Johnson. The winners were awarded. The best part of this contest was the entries submitted about surviving the holidays. There were so many great ideas and some of them were chosen for an e-book called "NUGGETS of Wisdom". The Diabetes Online Community (D-OC) was also asked to submit pictures that helped go along with the topics. Although we didn't have much experience with surviving the holidays because this was our first holiday with diabetes present and I didn't have much to offer as far as suggestions, I was able to submit several pictures for the book. One of them was chosen!! The picture of Kacey is on page 8 and it is of her finishing out her softball season just a week after coming home from the hospital after diagnosis. Diabetes didn't stop her from being herself and doing what she loved doing. Please take a moment to look at the book FREE by clicking HERE.

Thank you Amy, Allison & Scott! It was a great contest and I am running off a copy of this book to save for Kacey in her scrapbook for years to come.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Thank YOU Jill and Kacey, for helping to make the eBook what it is!