Thursday, January 1, 2009

The First Day Of 2009

Wow! It's hard to believe that a whole year has gone by. As I get older, the time seems to pass faster and faster!

Last night was a great evening! My Mom and Brian ended up coming over for dinner. The girls then convinced them to play the Wii. Yep! Can you believe it? The giggles echoed through the house and I think Mom and Brian enjoyed it as much as they did! Frankie and I sat back and watched as they played 2 games of bowling, a game of Yahtzee and then the girls showed them how to play the Carnival Games. It was a lot of fun! Before Kacey was diagnosed, she and Kayleigh used to spend every Friday night with my Mom. It gave Frankie and I a chance to be alone and gave them time to spend with her. When Kacey was diagnosed, the Friday nights stopped and then only Kayleigh was going. Well Mom really misses having them there! Kacey still isn't comfortable enough to stay the night away yet and I know it will take some time. We're on the countdown to her visit with the Endo... 21 more days! We will find out then when we start pump classes and my Mom is going to go to them too so she can learn what to do. In the meantime, I think they are going to start coming up here on Friday nights and bring pizza and play the Wii ... haha! It'll be fun for the girls :)

Both girls tried their hardest to make it to midnight without dozing off. Kacey's eyes shut a little after 11pm and we woke her back up at 11:30pm because she wanted soooo bad to see the Jonas Brothers in Times Square. She was wide awake then! She'd had that "power nap" know those ones they get as babies... 30min of rest and their little eyeballs pop open and no matter how hard you try you can't get them back to sleep! LOL! So both girls were awake at midnight and we woke Daddy up with the excitement :) (heehee!)
The girls had fun with the streamers and horns. They finally settled down about 12:30am and it was off to bed! Kacey was complaining of her head hurting....test her sugar...274! I don't know if that was a spike from the excitement, from playing the Wii earlier or from dinner but I was scared to correct and her drop too low during the night. When I tested her this morning... 150. Perfect! So it must have just been all the excitement.

I hope you all had a great holiday and I look forward to a wonderful 2009! No New Years resolutions for me since I break them by Feb 1st...haha!

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The Turner's said...

LOVE the pictures - when Nikki gets excited her numbers tend to spike off the charts!!! During recital time for example, it's becoming normal (and you know I don't actually mean NORMAL) for her blood to be in the 300's. We had a better time of it this last recital - but man, it makes you crazy doesn't it!!!!!

BTW - wish we lived close enough to do some Wii bowling together - I love that one!