Sunday, January 25, 2009


(pic- My lower back tattoo)

After a spark flew earlier in a conversation I was having with a great person working on something for a logo for our team, I had a magical moment and felt like I needed to share it.
Ever since I can remember, I've always loved butterflies. I collect anything with them on it and Kayleigh's room and bathroom are decorated with them. I have two tattoos and both of them have butterflies in them. I got my first tattoo in April 2005. It is a lower back piece of art that took me months to find. The butterfly is in the middle of tribal. I absolutely adore this artwork! I never regretted for one moment getting it and I never will. I got my second tattoo in July 2005. Yes, it's true that once you get one then the addiction grows! This one is around my ankle. I created this piece and I'm proud of it. The butterfly is done in rainbow colors and it is on the outside of my ankle. A band of tribal with flowers worked into it wraps around my ankle completely. I wanted to add more to that piece of art but the pain was too much for me to bear and I've left it at that.

For those of you that don't know, the butterfly is very symbolic. The interpretation of the symbolism is really in the eyes of the person viewing it.

For others, it may symbolize "Rebirth"...."Beauty"...."Freedom"...or "Free Soul". But for me, it symbolizes "New Life". I'll come back to this in a few minutes....

I've never been the type to push religious beliefs on anyone and when I found this symbolism reference it actually made me think about how the Lord works in mysterious ways. The symbolism of the butterfly for Christians...."For Christians, the butterfly's three steps of metamorphosis -- as caterpillar, pupa and then winged insect -- are reminiscent of spiritual transformation.The caterpillar's incessant crawling and chewing reminds us of normal earthly life where people are often wholly preoccupied with physical needs. The chrysalis (cocoon) resembles a tomb and empty, can suggest the empty shroud left behind by Jesus. Therefore, a butterfly represents the resurrection into a new condition of life that is free of any material concerns."

How is that for some chills?

While I was conversing with this person through email about the logo, it hit me.... we need to incorporate butterflies into our new logo! A butterfly to symbolize... "Kacey's New Life" ... her life with diabetes. It was as if God was smiling down on me and all along He put these butterflies in my life for a reason. He put them in my life long before I knew what His plan was. My new life as a Mommy of a daughter living with diabetes. "Everything happens for a reason." That is my favorite quote because I really believe that things do happen for a reason and we may never know what that reason is and we may not agree with it but we live with it. My life has taken some crazy twists and turns in the last 33 years but without those "reasons" then I would not be the person I am today. Kacey's diagnosis has made me a better mother. I was forced out of my comfort zone of daily life and into a new level of comfort. I still may not understand the exact reason why this happened to our family and I don't even really want to know why but I do know that I am a better person because of it and therefore I can share what I've gained with it real life or through my blog.

So there you have it.... our new logo....whatever background it may will have butterflies in it. Feel free to email me with any art you think would be of help.

More coming soon.... (Thanks Cody!)


Amy said...

Awesome post! I am so "there" with you. When Jada was diagnosed, I didn't struggle so much with the "why me", but did understand that this is indeed part of God's plan for our family and for Jada's life. I have been stretched beyond measure, as has my husband. It is making me a better mother and a better person- it's been a good opportunity for me to step up and do some things that I wasn't always so comfortable with.

Wendy said...

I LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL :) Fly, Butterfly, fly...

Penny said...

I have struggled over the past 3 years as to why this is part of God's plan. Why he decided to give D to Riley and not to me. But, I know that He knows what He's doing and though I don't understand His purpose, there is one.

I love the butterfly idea!

The Turner's said...

I'm moved to tears - I have a tattoo also that has profound meaning for me (lower back also) it's a fairy - You are wonderful!

Cara said...

I've often been thankful that I'm the one w/ diabetes and not someone I love. Is that odd? I mean, I'm handling it okay. And I don't know how my friend or family member would. So I'm glad it's me instead.
I love the butterfly. It is very symbolic.