Monday, December 15, 2008

Wish List

Dear Santa,

It's not very often that I ask for something for Christmas or even my Birthday. I like getting surprises because it means someone took the time to shop for me :) But this year I've put a couple things on my wish list.

I've been a very good Mommy this year! I've spent late nights awake with Kacey having nightmares and high blood sugars. Wiped snotty noses and been puked on. Been coughed on too many times to count. Sat on the bleachers in 100F+ degree weather while Kayleigh practiced for field hockey. Stood in the pouring rain to watch her play (just so she knew I was out there). Listened to high school drama unfold through the eyes of my 14 year old. I've fed, cleaned up after and cuddled them both when needed (and when not!). I've sat in the doctor's office more times in the last 6 months than I have in the last 6 years! I've spent more time volunteering at Kacey's school in the last 4 months than I have since Kayleigh started at that school 10 years ago! I make sure dinner is made, the dishes are washed and the floors are cleaned. I've washed more loads of laundry than I care to remember and even took the time to pair up that laundry basket of socks and tossed out the ones that somehow the washer ate! I've used my manners ALOT this year. "Please don't argue with your sister!" "Thank you for not throwing a fit!" "Would you be kind enough to put your dirty clothes in the hamper instead of spread across your floor?" ....just to show a few examples! I've also held down many jobs this year, to include, taxi driver, cook, maid, nurse, teacher, coach, team well as being the best Mommy and wife I could be! None of those jobs were paid in spendable funds but the things I learned and gained were priceless.

I'm not wishing for expensive things this year. I don't want diamonds or a new car. I don't want a trip around the world or fancy clothes. Those things are nice but I'd rather have a few inexpensive things.

The first thing I ask for is "One hour of peace". Since that's something that doesn't cost anything but it's very hard to find, I'm guessing that won't be something I get...LOL! So since I can't have that then maybe you can bring me a "Pause Button". You know, something like that remote control from Click. If I use it wisely, then it could be a very handy tool.

The second thing I ask for is the 4th Twilight book. My Mom already bought that for me and I'm very anxious to read to the end and see what happens! So you can cross that off my list.

The third thing I ask for is another book called "Think Like A Pancreas". During all the hours of reading online, this book always pops up in mention and I tried to find it at the library and all of the diabetes related books there look like they are from the 70's! My daughter was born in the year 2000 and those books are 30 years out of date! I really want to learn how to think like a pancreas. I think I've done a pretty good job so far but there is always room to improve.

The fourth thing I ask for is another book (yes, even though I am a busy Mommy, I still make time to read. It's better than playing computer games that fry my brain cells) So yes, another book called "Pumping Insulin". We go back to the Endocrinologist on January 22, 2009 and I want to be prepared for the pump classes. I've read all about the different pumps and now I want to read more about the process.

The fifth thing I'd like is some new beads for my Pandora bracelet that I got back in August. I have one lonely heart bead on it so far. I'd like to have 2 of the little girl beads. One for Kayleigh and one for Kacey. Whatever other beads you choose for me are fine :) Once again, I like surprises!

Santa, I think thats all I can ask for right now. If you don't think I was good enough to get any of these gifts then I understand :) I'd really just settle for the first thing on my list which was the hour of peace.

I'll be sure to leave the milk and cookies!



Scott K. Johnson said...

Both of those books are great helps. If santa doesn't come through for you, be sure to let the D.O.C. know....

Jill said...

Thanks Scott! :) Any other books you's suggest I bury my nose in? Those 2 books are the ones that seemed to repeat themselves on blogs and websites I ran across during my late night reading.

Penny said...

May I add one more book to your list?

Smart Pumping by Howard Wolpert

I read that and Pumping Insulin before Riley started on the pump. I still pull them off my bookshelf from time to time when I need help.

Jill said...

Penny~ Thank you!! I think its much easier to get books by reccommendation than to waste the money on a book I wont ever read again or one that covers info I already have books on. I'll certainly add that to the list too :) Thanks!