Friday, December 26, 2008

Wii or Right Dose?

It's now a little after 7pm and the girls have played the Wii on and off all day. I had to make them stop playing to eat lunch and dinner. I made Kacey test while playing...LOL you know she's hooked when she's fishing with one hand and sticking a finger out to be tested with the other...haha! Anyway, it's hard to say if it's the Wii giving her these good numbers or if it's just that we've finally got a pretty good dose going on here!

Since she played the Wii til 10pm last night, I knew I'd have to do that 2am check to make sure she didn't drop since she was a 273 at 10pm. I knew that was adreneline that was kicked in and I was worried that she'd crash. The 2am check she was 201...great...I can sleep in! At 8am she was a 193...a little high for morning. She ate...bolused...and 2 hours later 146! She played the Wii from 10am to 1pm...checked at 1pm and she was a 134....Wowww! Waited 2 hours...check... 149! She started playing the Wii again at 3pm and she was doing one of the really active games...broke a sweat...I checked her at 5pm and she was a 201 (uhoh! adreneline again?) 6pm...136! Time to eat :) I'm really thrilled that she's been nearly in range all day!

On a side note: I've got a bit of the "worried Mommy syndrome" again. Kayleigh was watching a movie and she told me she didn't feel too well and she asked if she could test her blood sugar just to see what it was? Hmmmmm! So I gave her that "puzzled Mommy look" and changed out the lancet and wiped down the test kit and tested her... she was a 151! Yikes! So whats that mean for a person without diabetes? I get so worked up over nothing sometimes but I don't want to brush it off as "nothing". I waited til after she ate and she was a 99. So I guess I shouldn't get bent out of shape!


Amy said...

Awesome blood sugar numbers!!! Don't they make you feel great? Our big present this year was a Wii as well, so that's ALL my boys have wanted to do. Jada wanted to play boxing yesterday and that little girl worked up a sweat! I told Jeff that she needs to play this thing everyday to help keep her numbers in order! I do the worry thing, too, with my other kids. They've all been tested at some time or another! I completely understand the concern and fear!

Jill said...

Thanks Amy! Yeah they were great numbers :) We're loving the Wii here. Lemme reccommend 2 games... Carnival Games (it has about 30 different games like you play at the fair) and Hasbro Family Game Night (it has the old board games Boggle, Sorry, Yahtzee, Battleship) The girls bought those with their Christmas money the day after Christmas and they are great! Both games can play 4 players and we had loads of giggles last night playing Yahtzee with all of us! I was really against the whole "gaming" thing but like you said...if it keeps the blood sugar down...then Im all for it! LOL!

I do worry about Kayleigh's numbers as well. I had her tested right after Kacey was diagnosed and they said her A1c was fine but just to kinda keep check and peace of mind I could do her finger stick once a month. She had 2 times where she was low... like 68-70 and then a few times 150 or it worries me but they said not to get upset over anything like that...its when she hits 300+ that I need to take her in. But you know that "Mommy" part of us always worries!