Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh! It's Feels So Good....

TO BE BACK IN RANGE!!!!!! Kacey was back in range all day today and she's feeling GREAT! It's so nice to look at her and see the smile on her face and know she really does feel "normal" (as normal as she can get) Today was a good day!

She had "Toga Day" at school since they are talking about Ancient Greece in class. She wore her "t-shirt toga" and they had some Olympic Games set up outside which she was able to run, jump and play without D getting in the way. After the games, she had PE today and she was still playing and feeling great! She did call me at lunchtime because they made Oreo cookie turkey's in class with one Oreo and some candy corns and she didn't want to eat it before she asked me (sad that she has to do that at 8yrs old!) So anyway...since she'd already had lunch and she'd already had a shot for lunch, I convinced her to put it in a baggie and bring it home for a snack later on and because Mommy wanted to SEE her artwork! (geesh I hated doing that!) But she was proud of it and wanted to show me so it all worked out :) She was fine with it and was in the best mood! Ahhh, almost like I had my "old" Kacey back! When I picked her up from school, her teacher Mrs. M was smiling and so was Kacey...I looked puzzled and she went on to tell me that Kacey got an A on the math test today.... an A which was very hard to make....and very few students got! HOLY COW! Yayyyyyy! I was doing the "Happy Mommy" dance!
I have ALOT to be Thankful for and I'll save that for tomorrow!

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Cara said...

So cool! I'm glad she had a good day and that YOU had a good day!