Friday, November 21, 2008

Miss Blogging

Wow...its amazing how much you actually miss blogging when you don't have the time to! I've been really busy the last week or so :) and my head is a whirlwind right now so its wayyyy past time to blog!

Let's see...

I finally got my application turned in...the transcripts were sent...and all the letters of reference are in :D So hopefully I will hear something soon! In the meantime, this is the first day that Ive not been at Kacey's school until after lunch. Kacey's school nurse will not be back until probably the middle of Dec now so they hired on a part time RN to help from Wed-Fri and the teacher thats been in there since Mrs. H left to be with her Mom will be in there Mon-Tues. OK... so this new RN... Ms. Heather... OMG we love her!!! She's very knowledgeable and I feel like Kacey is in really good hands with her (not that I didn't feel like that before) but it just makes me feel better knowing theres a RN on site now! She's very nice and personable and Kacey's really taken to her. I sat with her for a little while this morning going over past blood sugar numbers and she was trying to help me find trends.... yep she used the word trends too....kinda makes you smile inside when you talk to someone and they know what you're talking about and you don't have to explain what a trend is before you even start! She's familiar with "diabetes lingo"! As a matter a fact, she told me this morning when she worked as a neonatal nurse at Children's (the same hospital Kacey goes to) she said she worked with another nurse that was Type 1 and she was on a pump but she'd have the lowwwww lows... the kind where you get confused, etc....the kind that Kerri talks about having! But she said she could see when they were coming on and she'd get her juice or you can imagine as a Mom ...hearing this made me feel VERY safe to leave the school today :) Now...dont get me wrong...we love Mrs. H and we're glad she takes good care of Kacey....but we really like Ms. Heather and we're thankful they found someone to cover as an RN! So here I am... finally back 3 loads of laundry done...dishes washed....bathrooms cleaned....and now Im here catching up! Haha...a mother's job is never done!

Now...for Kaceys update....shes feeling much better :) still has that nasty cough but with the weather going from the 20's to the 50's and back again...its hard to NOT be sick! Thankfully the sinus crap is gone tho and her numbers are still bouncing like Tigger *grumbles* I faxed blood sugars on Monday and it is now Friday and I've not heard a single word from them! I've used that logbook from Kevin at (which btw we absolutely love) and I've noticed that her sugars are jumping from the 140-160 range at lunch up to the mid 300's about 2hrs later .... sounds like a carb change huh? So I went on and made the I:C change from 1:20 to 1:18 like all the other meals and we'll see what happens :) She's still running in the 180-300 range on a good not sure what other changes they will want to make but Im really getting comfortable with trying to tweak this on my own! Im still doing the middle of the night checks and the results seem to vary so I guess her body is still doing some wacky things...LOL! Other than that, she's doing good. She's seemed to adjust to the highs and she just rolls with it...not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing....LOL she's had so many highs lately that shes just used to it and deals with it.

As for me...I had a few Mommy Meltdowns over the last week. I think it was more due to the emotional roller coaster my body was on because of PMS, lack of sleep and stress of dealing with it all because they were the uncontrollable crying urges and I seemed to get choked up by the littlest yeah....I feel much more normal now that things have adjusted! It's amazing what stress will do to you!

I guess thats about all :) Hope everyone is doing well and I hope to be back in the blogging world regularly now!


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