Sunday, November 23, 2008


I finally got a call back from the CDE about the faxed blood sugars! She said she wasn't sure why I wasn't called but Dr. R didn't want to make any changes....WHAT?!?! Ummm so the "Supermom" part of me stood up and said "Well I really think a change needs to be made!" (keep in mind I already made the change at lunch and hadn't said anything because she was having sugars in the high 300's just 2hrs after eating) So she asked me what I thought needed a change and I told her if she looked at her chart then2 hrs after lunch she was bouncing into the 300's and I felt that was a sign that she needed a carb change! Her response... "Great job Mom!" Ahhhhh ~does a happy dance~ So she told me to change the carbs for lunch and then fax blood sugars in on Monday and if she was still staying high through the day then as long as she wasnt sick they were going to take "a more aggressive approach" ....FINALLY! Whew! She said they didn't want to change much because of her being sick. They werent sure how many of the highs were because of the cold and how many were from food so they just left it. Yesterday she spent all day in the 200' "Supermom" part of me says... Lantus change :D LOL...lets see what the doc thinks when I give them last weeks sugar numbers! Haha! Ya know, there is this part of me that really gets this! I mean I really do understand it now... I understand the dosing....I understand the carbs....I understand the slow changes...I understand DIABETES! Now I dont understand why she goes from a 60 to a 495 in 15min...LOL but I'll get there! I feel comfortable with tweaking her dose...Kacey is comfortable enough to test often (so we can watch the changes)... and Im actually proud of both of us! We've come a long way in 4 months and I think we're doing pretty darn good :)

All that being said....its 7:30am and time to go test her for the first time this morning!

Have a great Sunday!

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