Friday, October 3, 2008


I got a call yesterday afternoon from the CDE and they are changing Kacey's insulin to carb ratio ...again! She was just back down to 1 unit per 25 carbs and now they want her 1 unit per 20 carbs. Thats the ratio she was at when she was in the hospital 2 months ago. So what does this mean? Well...her body is needing more insulin for sure. So does this mean that its possible her honeymoon is ending? Yep quite possible! The only thing that scares me is...when she was on this insulin to carb ratio before she started getting tons of lows. I'd rather her be high than low...especially dealing with school!!

In reference to the 504 stuff....
I did do my formal letter to the principals. I'm sending that in on Monday and I got a friend of mine at JDRF to send me the School Toolkit so I had the info with the laws on it and then if I'm denied again I know what route to take :)

As for me...
I've got the cold that both girls got the last few weeks ~gives a miserable look~ Yep...we teach our kids to share...and mine decided to share their germs! LOL! Oh well! I'm "Super Mom" remember...and Super Moms cant be sick! :D So I will smile... and breathe thru my teeth since my nose is so stuffy that I cant breathe thru that and hopefully these meds will kick in soon and I can finally taste the crap Im trying to eat!

Tomorrow I am taking the girls to Howl-o-scream at Busch Gardens :) It should be a spook-tacular time! (Btw, Caitlin we're gonna miss seeing you dance)

Have a great weekend!

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