Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yep, She Made the Tooth Fairy Cry..twice!

Kacey lost another tooth yesterday. This time...a molar. I kept thinking she was done losing teeth but apparently shes not...LOL shes still got several more to go! So she puts the tooth under her pillow ( 8 she still believes) and I tip-toed in her room around 11pm to find her stretched out and looking so peaceful. I stood there for a few moments...and the tears began to flow. From the outside, she looks so healthy. Her little chubby cheeks...her plump belly...her breathing little angel :) yet inside...shes sick :( by looking at her you'd never know that 2 months ago she was so sick. I stroked my hand down her face to feel how warm she was...pulled the covers back over her...and quietly slipped a note with a crisp $5 bill under her pillow.

"Dear Kacey,
You're doing a great job! Keep it up!

The Tooth Fairy"

When she woke up, the first thing she did was slide her hand under her pillow and she pulled out the neatly folded note. As she opened it she smiled and then she looked up with me and she handed me the $5 bill. I said "You want me to hold it til we go to the store?" and with tears in her eyes and said "No Mommy, please put it with the money for a cure." There was no way I could fight back the tears! How could I? Here is my child giving me her tooth fairy money to find her a cure. Talk about feeling hopeless! So I told her I'd match it...give her $5 back to her...and she could buy herself something special ;) ~sigh~ So not only did she make me cry last night...she made me cry again this morning!

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