Saturday, September 6, 2008

OK....Now what?

LOL the pic of this glucose monitor made me giggle!!
Soooooo... Kacey woke up this morning at a 157...which is great! Then by lunch she was up to a 237...yikes! So I thought maybe it was just because of what she ate. dinner she was a 217 and she just tested for bedtime and it was a 257...good grief! Here we go.....back on the roller coaster once again! So now what does this mean? Well...2 things....either the dose/carb change was too much...OR...those last few cells in her pancreas that were working, have now stopped working and that means shes rounded out of her honeymoon! Not sure what the doc will do next week?

We made it thru the storm with no damage :) It rained most of the day and so it ended up being a lazy day inside. I was able to have some "Mommy time" and had time on the computer. Once the rain let up, Frankie and the girls went to pick up some movies before the next batch of rain came thru. I finally got to see "27 Dresses" ....wonderful movie!

Been feeling like crap most of the day! I think Im coming down with a cold....or my allergies are starting to kick up :( Ive just felt achy and Ive been in my jammies ALL day!

I'm off to bed!

Goodnight :)


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