Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It Sucks Being "High"

Today was a rough day! When Kacey woke up this morning, I knew we were in for a rocky road! I can usually tell when I gently shake her to wake up if its going to be a good day or a bad! If I shake her and she grumbles and pulls on the covers then I need to put on my protective gear cuz Im in for a battle! If I shake her and she smiles and sits up right away then I know we're in for a good day with no tears. Well...this morning...she grumbled! I told her we needed to "see how sweet she was" (a term Ive used from the first time she tested) and she snapped at me and shouted "Im NOT doing it!" and I told her that she HAD to and she stuck her finger out and said "NO! You do it!" *giggles* I did it and she came up a 132...good number for waking up... hmmmm so then why so grumpy? Slowly she got dressed...and it took her 20min to decide what she wanted for breakfast! On our way to school, she says "Mom, I dont feel too good!" Ohhhhh we go! So I assured her that once she got to school with her friends then she'd be fine. We pull in the parking lot... "Mommmm I really dont feel good! I think I need to test!" So I get her kit out...test her...189. Hmmm...weird! But I knew it would be up since she just ate an hour earlier. We walked into school and she still insisted she didnt feel good and now had a headache. Since they are doing placement testing, I told her to go for the test and if she felt bad then call me. I figured by the time she was done the test, it would be snacktime and she'd be feeling better. I left and went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping...on my way back I didnt take my usual route...and I guess there was a reason! My cell rings.... "Nurse's Office"... oh geesh! I answer... Hello? ... "Hi Jill, It's Joanie" ***heart sinks*** "Hi There!" ... "I think you might want to come and get Kacey. She's not feeling well and still has the stomach ache and headache. She's just not herself." ...By this point Im passing the school...LOL! So I zipped in and when I got there I was greeted by a non-smiling tummy holding little girl that said she just wanted to go to bed. Oh boy! She was grumpy! So I asked her if she tested...Yes Mom!...133. Geesh....ummm ok...she'd just eaten her snack and was at a 133 with no shot... could she have been low? I dunno...but her body was doing some pretty weird things! So I took her her in bed and comfy with a movie...and then unloaded the groceries that Id forgotten I got! ~sigh~ By the time I got everything put away, it was lunchtime! Test again... 195... wtf? OK this is weird!! So she eats lunch...still has a tummy ache...but its not like a sick tummy...its a hurt. It frustrates me because I dont know what that pain is...I dont know what her "diabetes" hurts feel like! OK... treat the high...give the food dose...and she goes to lay back down. She was going thru a "clingy" hour...she wanted me to be near her...which isnt normal for her! Was she scared? Was she feeling out of control? Was she just wanting that feeling of security? Whatever the reason...I stayed by her side :) By 3pm it was time to test again..."Mom, can you please do my test? I just dont feel like doing it!" ~cry~ She had this look on her face like she was completely drained. Even though I had that same feeling...I smiled and told her I didnt mind doing it for her! Test....beep....BEEP... 316! WTF?!?! Where the hell did that come from? She didnt eat anything at lunch that would make her spike...she got 3 units...and 3 hours later she was HIGH! She looks at me and says "Well now I know why I dont feel good!" So could this have been coming on all along? Could she have "felt" this high early on? Was this a result of her runny nose? I many questions and absolutely NO answers! I must admit....DIABETES SUCKS! She wanted to go out for a bike ride....WHAT? A bike ride? minute shes laying down with a BS of 133 and the next shes asking to go outside with a BS of 316! So I told her we would ride down the driveway to get the mail but that was it because I wasnt sure what her body was doing. Well...4pm rolls around...test....257! Still high but coming down. So 5pm...test again... 190 :) we're getting there! The headache is gone...stomach ache is gone...and she's reading Judy Moody...hahaha shes feeling better! Judy Moody....thats what I should call her when her BS go high!!! So here we are at 7pm....test....187. OK so at least its not too far from her range of 80-180...but it could be better! For now...shes feeling better and shes a I'll take that as we're doing good! LOL...but tomorrow is a new day!

On a good note, Kayleigh just called me and they won their game against the rival school ... 2-1!!! She sounded so excited! I wish we could have been there but with Kacey not feeling well, I wasnt gonna take the chance on being at a game that is 45min from home. She understood why we couldnt be there and was fine with it :) She did text me when she was leaving to give me some pretty exciting news though! She was asked to the Homecoming Dance... **shocked face**... I took a deep breath and asked "Who?" and she told me WHO it was! I quietly did a "Happy Mommy" dance because this boy has liked her for the last 3 years and she's never looked at him anymore than "just friends" or "like a brother" ... and he got up the nerve to ask her and she said YES! How exciting!!!! This will be her first dance that she's gone with anyone. Her 8th grade dance she chose to go with a group of friends so she could dance with who she wanted and ended up dancing with a group the whole night. So this time is a little different! He's a super kid tho :) I really like him and I actually liked him when I first met him! When he replied with "No mam"... "Yes mam" and "No thank you" ... Ummmm OMG a boy with manners?!?! Those are few and far between these days! He and Kayleigh text all the time and theres rarely a night without a text that says "Goodnight ILY" ...which I think it just so sweet! The other day he sent her one that said "If I havent told you ILY today...then I do!" Too cute!! So anyway...we will be off dress shopping :) Im really thinking that I need to take her...just me and her...and leave Kacey with Frankie. I havent had much alone time with Kay recently because all my time is spent caring for "The big D" and so this might be just the time we needed! Ahhhh.... Homecoming.....brings back memories :) Good times!

On that note...Im gonna head out :) Kay will be home soon...Kacey needs a bath....and I need some rest!

Til tomorrow....

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