Monday, August 4, 2008

Good Day

Today has been a good day!! Kaceys levels have all stayed within range today :D Maybe this means we finally got the dose right!! We went out for breakfast this morning and it was just me and Kacey so we sat there talking and I asked her "How many carbs do you think your meal has?" It was VERY cool to watch her guess (which was very good guesses) and we totaled it all up since we had no way to get an accurate count of how many carbs it was. I told her we would retest her sugar in an hour to make sure the dose was right. We retested and it was perfect!!! So we were both excited because that meant we guessed right and she got just enough insulin :) Its been almost 3 weeks since she was admitted and it seems that its much easier now with feeling more comfortable in public. I didnt drag the backpack into Walmart with us today...Kacey carried her camo pack with her insulin in it and I told her that if she felt "low" we would just buy something for her to snack on. She did have a bottle of water with her but we never had to get her a snack. I watched her today and shes gone from a sluggish grump to a smiling sweetie. She wanted to jump from store to store today while Kay was at hockey and I asked her "What happened to that little girl that hated to shop?" She laughed and said "That was the sick Kacey and Im the new Kacey that feels better!" made me giggle and smile because Im so happy to see her feeling better and adjusting to this new lifestyle with NO problems! I got her some new snacks today...Teddy Grahams and some mini 100 cal pack chocolate chip cookies for those days she needs something a bit sweeter :)

All in all...a good day :)

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