Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dose & Carb Change

Got a call from Anne, the nurse at the Diabetes Center, and she said the doc said he wanted to decrease Kacey's Lantus again to 13 units...but he also wanted to change her carb ratio to 1:20 from thats GREAT news! She said Kacey is definately in her honeymoon period and now its a waiting game til she comes out of it. Once she does then we will get a good idea of what her dose will be and we can think about getting the pump :)

She had a better night last night....and I got a little more rest :)

Went grocery shopping today...ugh! I got Kacey a few of her favs... Goldfish and mini Nilla wafers seem to be what she wants at the moment. Also got her the new Jonas Brothers CD and she's played that song by Nick called "A Little Bit Longer"over and over! He wrote it about his diabetes and so it means a little more to her :) LOL...altho hearing it on repeat is getting old! I went on and put it on my iPod and so I let her listen to it from there so it was in her ears and not mine...haha!

Got a parent meeting for JV hockey tonight. Im soooo tired of running! Frankie asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I started to cry and said "Just one hour peace and quiet" *sigh*

So thats all for now!
~*~ JILL~*~

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