Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another Dose Change

Well...Kacey woke up with ANOTHER low this morning... 62 :( So I called over to her doc's office and they called me back within 5min. They've lowered her dose from 20 to 17 and we have to try that and see if that keeps her sugar in her normal range. Kacey was excited because that means its not such a huge dose...LOL! Not sure how long this honeymoon is gonna last?!?! She had a 74 at lunch and then jumped to a 144 for dinner. So tomorrow we will know more about how the new dose is working.

Been a relaxed day today :) While I was stressing this morning, Frankie took it upon himself to go make us all breakfast. I was thrilled to see him picking up the slack! After breakfast, I decided I needed to get a bit of cleaning done around here and as I was cleaning I saw him following my footsteps and he scrubbed the bathrooms, cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast and dusted in our room. Today is the first day I actually havent felt "rushed". Maybe it was having his help...maybe it was getting comfortable in our routine...whatever it was Im just glad I wasnt feeling like I was running in circles!! I think he finally realized today how hard all this has been on me. We had a really good day at Busch yesterday and today has been another good day. After we cleaned up, we went to Grannys for lunch. His Granny & Aunt actually went and got frozen pizza for the girls and they had read the labels!!! I was SOOO proud of them! Thats a huge step for them to actually look at the labels til they found something that Kacey could have too that didnt have too many carbs. Made me feel really good! I also talked to them about his other Aunt. Her diabetes is very out of control and Im actually scared for her because her legs are sore again and shes got another UTI/bladder infection. Her doc isnt an Endocrinologist and I fear that it wont be long til she loses her legs and when that happens you cant turn back the clock. So I got the name of the doc that Tracy goes to and I called his Aunt and told her all about the doc. Shes a female so I think she will have a bit more sympathy for her. I told her I would call and get her the appt and take her over there if she would go....she said YES! I was floored!! Her own kids have tried to get her to go and she put it off but I think now she sees that its to the point that its really out of control and I told her I want her to be a good role model for Kacey and if shes not following the doc then how is Kacey going to learn how to manage her diabetes. So I think it just struck her the right way!! So tomorrow I will call and make the appt for her :)

Well I guess thats it for now! I'll keep you all posted :)


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